Barbados Land Surveyors Association
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How To Join the BLSA

The membership of the Association shall be divided into the following categories:

(a) Practising Member shall be any licensed Land Surveyor currently on the Roll.

(b) Honorary Member shall be any licensed Land Surveyor who having given distinguished service to the Association as a member is elected by two - thirds majority at a General Meeting of the Association to be an Honorary Member of the Association.

(c) Non - Practising Member shall be a Land Surveyor who was at some time a Practising Member having been licensed to practise in Barbados but who is not currently registered and practising.

Any person currently undergoing training either as an apprentice or on attachment to a member or the Lands & Surveys Department or undertaking a full time course of studies towards a qualification recognised for licensing as a Land Surveyor, and who aspires to the practice of a Land Surveyor shall, on application to the Committee of Management, be entitled to be registered with the Association as a student of the Association.
Barbados Land Surveyors Association, Penrith, 11th Avenue Belleville, St. Michael. Tel: (246) 427-7019  Fax: (246) 427-7019
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