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According to the Laws of Barbados, {Land Boundaries Act, 1980 - 2, Section 16. (1)}

Any person who,
a) without the written permission of the Chief Surveyor, removes any boundary mark;

b) alters, erases or cancels any word, letter, figure, mark, line, colouring or thing expressed on any register, plan, traverse sheet, report or field notes in the Department;

c) refuses to produce any plan or document in his possession to any land surveyor within the time specified in section 8(3); *

d) refuses to submit a plan to the Chief Surveyor in accordance with section 11 within the time specified therein; or **

e) obstructs or causes to be obstructed any lawful survey, whether by force or threats,

is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine of $1000.00 or imprisonment for 12 months or both.

* The time specified in section 8(3) above is 3 months.

** Section 11 refers to Land Surveyors recording plans.

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