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On Wednesday 21st April 2010 the BLSA hosted its first CPD event for 2010 in the Ginger Lily Room at The Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. A presentation on The Physical Development Plan ( PDP) of Barbados was given by Mr. Richard Gill of Richard Gill Associates.

Some 19 members of the association, as well as one non-member, attended what proved to be an interesting and informative lecture by Mr. Gill, which was followed by a lively question and answer session.

Mr. Gill reviewed the development of planning control from the creation of the Town Planning Office in 1959 with the first legislation, the Interim Control Act, and how in 1964 with the help of a U.N. team the first Development Plan was formulated. When this document was completed in 1966 it became what is known as a “bottom drawer document”; this somewhat secretive approach has unfortunately carried over into many aspects of the planning process of today.

The current PDP, mostly written in 2003 and passed in October of 2006, which won a prestigious prize with the Canadian Institute of Planners was described in broad terms as follows: The various sections were outlined, such as National Infrastructure, Parks and open spaces, Cultural Heritage, Coastal Zone Management, Natural Hazard areas etc. Under each section of the PDP the pattern of the plan was described as a progression from General Goals to Objectives to Specific Policies. Several examples were given.

One impression that this participant gathered from the discussion was that while the PDP is a good overall guideline to planners and developers, it suffers from a disconnect between policies and implementation. These are often due to practical and/or economic reasons, such as the relative ease of subdividing former agricultural land compared with the stated preference for developing housing in the Urban Corridor (with its smaller fragmented parcels). There also exist some conflicts between PDP policies and legal issues since the 1965/68 Act has only been revised twice.

After a break for refreshments, Phys the Q & A session touched on many areas of concern to participants and the presenter brought great insight and clarity to bear the various matters raised. It was suggested that the public, including participants at this event, could petition the planning office for greater transparency and dissemination of information in the whole planning process.

This CPD event earned participants 7 points towards the minimum requirement of 28 points over three years. All members and non-members are encouraged to attend the next event on Copyright & Intellectual Property scheduled for May 19th.

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