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On Wednesday 26th May 2010 the BLSA hosted its second CPD event for 2010 in the Ginger Lily Room at The Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. A presentation on Intellectual Property (I.P.) and Copyright as it relates to Land Surveyors was given by Dr. Wendy Hollingsworth and Ms. Erica Smith of Conceptualisation Inc., a firm specialising in I.P. management.

Of the 25 surveyors attending this event there were several who are not members of the association, including the Chief Surveyor and others from the Civil Service.

Dr. Hollingsworth kicked the event off with a very well presented overview of Intellectual Property, which can be defined in a nutshell as property or assets, either tangible or intangible, resulting from exercising human intellect in creative or even technical spheres. With the aid of a series of power point slides she described the various types of I.P. starting with legal entitlements such as; Patents, Trade Marks (including Domain Names), Certification Marks, which would include ISO standards and (by implication) Professional Association Membership, Trade Secrets and Copyright. For each category of I.P. she outlined the various criteria and methods of establishing the right as well as its duration.

Mrs. Smith went into greater detail on the issues related to copyright, which confers on the author exclusive right to use (or to authorize others to use under specific terms and conditions). She made reference to the Barbados Copyright Act (1998) which includes “any painting, drawing, diagram, map, chart or plan” as artistic works and therefore subject to copyright protection.

There was some discussion on how a copyright passes from the author to the commissioner (or from the Land Surveyor to the client) which emphasized the need for written contracts and there was also lively debate regarding the various copyright infringements which many of us make (unknowingly) on a frequent basis.

This CPD event earned participants 7 points towards the minimum requirement of 28 points over three years. More importantly it exposed the participants to a whole new way of thinking about not only their own endeavors, but also their interaction with clients, other professionals and the world at large; altogether a very worthwhile exercise.

The committee has discussed the possibility of holding a follow-up event to discuss matters arising from the information shared at this presentation.

Contributed by: Garrick L. Jenkins

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